Want to join our team?

We’re always on the lookout for the smartest, most talented people we can find. The way we see it—the more diverse our resource pool, the more we can offer our clients. That’s precisely why we value each member of our team and look for every opportunity to provide them with work they’re passionate about doing.

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Here are some of the amazing people and skills we’re looking for:

Designers * Copywriters * Account Managers * Project Managers * Web Developers * Marketing Strategists * Media Planners * Print Buyers * SEO/SEM Experts

Digital Media * Photography * Videography * PR * Illustration * Proofreading * Social Media Strategy & Content * UI/UX * Branding

Here’s who we’re currently looking for

More about working with Propel…

We don't have an office.

Unless you count home offices, or coffee shops, or the park, or literally anywhere else—because Propel Creative Studio is totally virtual.

We pride ourselves on integrity.

It’s a surprisingly novel concept in this industry…

We work when we want.

9–5s aren’t really our thing, but we know how to meet a deadline—and isn’t that what really matters?

We work on our terms.

And we know our value. So we set our own rates and availability.*

*Not a typo.

We pursue our passions.

These jobs give us the flexibility to do what we want, when we want—on our own terms. Work/life balance isn’t a myth, y’all. And that’s what Propel is all about.